Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Russian Club!

Hello everyone! 
I just wanted to do a little update for those who are unable to come to our meetings this semester.  We have been adding words to our growing vocabulary.  Previous posts from Clara teach us the colors.  We have also gone through adjectives, months, and weekdays.  Last week we began looking at Russian grammar and how sentences are structured.  Today I will be bringing cursive writing versus print letters and we will be planning because...

International Education Week is next week!!! 

The Russian Club has decided to put up a table and give a mini Russian lesson November 14 from 1pm-3pm in the Memorial Union.  Come by to say hello or participate!

There are not many more times we will meet this semester so please come join us as your schedule allows!

Hope to see you soon!!!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Meeting

Hello all again!
Sorry about not posting when we were meeting here on the weekend.  I ended up sending out e-mails and posting it on HornetLife.  We had our first meeting today and wanted to let everyone know what we talked about for all who were unable to make it.

We had a great conversation on how Russia is slowly trying to gain more land space and what different countries around Russia speak Russian.  We then began to talk politics occurring in Russia and shared about getting together in solidarity with PRIDE.  A few suggestions that were made were for an educational aspect or reading poems/songs from the Russian GSM (Gender Sexual Minority).  If anyone else has any ideas on something we can do together, please post them or e-mail me!

It seems like many of us still want to continue learning the language so next week I will be bringing the cyrillic alphabet with pronunciations and a couple other previous posts to help.  I'm terrible with names, but one of the ladies there suggested t-shirts so we are looking into that for our club as well.

Next week we will talk about ideas to do with PRIDE as I went to their meeting and have a few ideas from that as well.  Sometime soon I will post a few things on what is going on in Russia with the laws against the GSM community.  After we discuss ideas, we will dive into the Russian language and continue learning it!

Thanks so much for everyone who was able to make it and I hope everyone has a great night and weekend!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Welcome Back!

Wow...I hadn't realised I never posted a farewell on this for last semester!

Oh well, welcome back! I hope y'all enjoyed your summer and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again! Speaking of which, what days and times are good for everyone to meet this semester? So far, Wednesdays seem to be looking better for some.  Does anyone else have suggestions, specifically for times to meet?

Come see us at the Activities Fair on campus tomorrow! I have some Russian tea cakes for all who come by.

I hope your semester goes off to a great start and I will post the date and time we are meeting by this weekend so please give your input as far as meeting times ASAP!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Russian Poetry Night

Come join us tonight at Russian club as we finalise the details of our poetry night and learn more Russian!  Looking forward to seeing ya'll tonight and next week!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tonight's Meeting

Due to several conflicts that have come up,  Russian club meeting tonight at the Inner Bean is cancelled.  Have a safe and fun Spring Break and we will see you March 28!  Please check our Facebook page and blog for more information on the International Tea Party when classes begin again after Spring Break! 

До тех пор,


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Language practice! (языковая практика)

Here is some fun language practice for next time!

Listen to this song:

Read these lyrics: (See the Russian beside the English) I would have loved to translate into Chinese for our members from China, but I am sorry - I am sure I would mess it up using google translate.

Ой, да не вечер, да не вечер.
Мне малым малом спалось.
Мне малым мало спалось,
Ой да во сне привиделось…
Мне малым мало спалось,
Ой да во сне привиделось...

Мне во сне привиделось,
Будто конь мой вороной
Разыгрался, расплясался,
Ой разрезвился подо мной.
Ой, разыгрался, расплясался,
Ой разрезвился подо мной.

Ай, налетели ветры злые.
Ай, да с восточной стороны
Ай и сорвали чёрну шапку
Ой с моей буйной головы.
Ай и сорвали чёрну шапку
Ой с моей буйной головы.

А есаул догадлив был,
Он сумел сон мой разгадать.
Ой, пропадёт, он говорит,
Твоя буйна голова.
Ой, пропадёт, он говорит,
Твоя буйна голова.

Ой, да не вечер, да не вечер…
Мне малым мало спалось,
Мне малым мало спалось,
Ой, да во сне привиделось

Oh, at this evening, at this evening,
I was sleeping so small time,
I was sleeping so small time,
Oh, and I saw in my dreams...

I saw in my dreams,
That my horse (black as crow)
Was like crazy
Under my saddle.

Oh, evil wings came
From the east side
Oh, and disrupted black cap
From my head.

But my esaul* was clever
He understood and explained my dream
“Oh, you will lose”-He said
You will lose your head”

Oh, at this evening, at this evening,
I was sleeping so small time,
I was sleeping so small time,
Oh, and I saw in my dreams..


And a wee bit of history:

*Esaul-captain in cossack's military forces.
** And some words about history of this song. This song from opera about Stepan Razin (he was cossack from Don's military forces). He was a head of opposition in russian civil war against king in 17 th century. And he really lost his head, actually, not just head. 6 june 1671 he was quartered (executioner cut off his head, arms and legs) after victory of king's army in this war.

Now practice reading them outloud! - Lets practice tomorrow together at our meeting! :)

International Tea Party

Hello Russian Club!

We've been invited to take part in the International Tea Party!

Description: C:\Users\jdelafue\Desktop\tea party.jpg

I think it's a great idea - and if we do, I would suggest this tea. It has a very nice black current and strawberry flavor, perfect served hot on a windy day~

I await your thoughts! Should we make tea-cakes? Would anyone like to come over the night before and make them with me? (I'm thinking IF we make some, we should make 100-200.)

The recipe is pretty simple.

In my 'family cookbook' these are called 'Russian Communist Tea Cakes'. However I am sure they predate the USSR, LOL

A little something about Russian tea culture

I will ask if the university has a samovar on hand - but I highly doubt it. We may have to simply make use with a standard kettle...though I've always wanted a samovar personally and may just have to watch ebay for an affordable opportunity.

So~~~ who's in for a tea party?

Side note: my uncle is in the hospital currently and I'm not sure what each day will bring, so it is very possible that I will not be at our meeting. Our president, Stephanie will do an amazing job leading -  am very confident!

Конечно, я надеюсь, впереди, и надеюсь на хорошие новости в моей семье. до связи, мои друзья!